Patient Referral

Granite State Pain Associates deeply appreciates the referral of your patient. Our goal is to work with you in helping your patient obtain pain relief,  increased function and to reduce dependency on the healthcare system.

We will do everything reasonable to ensure the lines of communication are kept open and clear regarding the treatment and progress of your patient. Our preference is to assume responsibility for your patient’s total pain needs in order to better track response to various treatment modalities; however, we can share some responsibility at your request.

Emergency referral:

If your patient has a recent diagnosis of shingles (herpes zoster) or a newly herniated disc, please contact our New Patient Referral Team and we will make every attempt to facilitate a same day appointment.


Routine referral:

If you would like to have your patient seen at Granite State Pain Associates, fax the following information to our New Patient Referral Team at: 833-305-0418.

Please be sure to include:

  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance referral, if applicable
  • Please include the last 3-4 office visit notes pertaining to patient’s pain
  • Hospital admission notes
  • MRI/CT/X-ray reports or pertinent lab results
  • Any previous pain clinic records

The patient should be contacted to discuss scheduling an appointment within 3-5 business days. Once an appointment has been secured they will be sent registration paperwork to be completed and brought in to their first appointment.
If the patient has had recent and pertinent x-rays or MRIs, please remind him/her to bring the films or disk to the consultation visit.
If there are other issues not apparent in the medical records that are relevant to the referral, please feel free to contact the New Patient Referral Team at 603-841-2307 to discuss the issues.