Brandon Gray, Owner

Granite State Pain Associates

Meet Brandon Gray, owner of Granite State Pain Associates. Brandon has been working for Granite State Pain Associates for 10 years.


” The services we offer here change lives, something I know from personal experience. In 2008 I was experiencing significant pain from a nerve entrapment affecting both legs. Quality of life was nearing zero and pain medications were not a long-term solution. I saw one of our physicians and she was able to diagnose the problem. It was an entrapment of the peroneal nerves, and a simple day surgery provided 100% relief. I went from barely functioning as a human being to doing all of the things I loved again, including my passion, bike riding.

It was then that I started to appreciate the incredible impact of the work we do for people living with chronic pain. I believe that few things impact quality of life the way chronic pain can. It prevents you from doing what you love, and can make even the simplest of tasks a real burden. As owner, I promise that we won’t rest until we’ve done everything possible to alleviate your pain. “


Brandon, a lifelong resident of New Hampshire, earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of New Hampshire. He previously worked in economic development and grant writing for a local municipality. In his free time Brandon enjoys reading books, trading stocks and riding his bike.