Jason M. from Claremont has quite a story – one of true determination and selflessness. He has been a competitive athlete his whole life, but after enduring several surgeries over a 15 year span, chronic pain and muscle spasms, Jason was being held back from what he loved to do.  With help from PainCare, where he receives regular trigger point injections, Jason has been able to stick to a rigorous training schedule to get him ready for an Ironman competition in September of 2014.

His story doesn’t stop there. Jason is using his athletic skills and determination as tools to raise money for some very deserving charities, both of which help children in need.  The first is called Team Ride to Give and the other is Sunshine on a Ranney Day. Both are non-profit and give assistance to families of children with illnesses and special needs. If you’d like to learn more about Jason’s efforts, or if you’d like to donate to these causes, visit Jason’s fundraising page.  Be sure to follow his progress at Facebook.com/jasonstriforkids.

PainCare is thrilled to be able to help Jason reclaim his passion, and in turn help some very worthy causes.


Mark P. from Milan, NH has severe chronic neck pain that almost forced him to give up his dream of opening a bed and breakfast in the woods of northern New Hampshire. That was, until he became a patient at PainCare and made a deal with Frank Valenti, CRNA, that they would work together to keep his pain under control and keep his dream alive.

With regular RFL (Radiofrequency Lesioning) treatments on Mark’s neck about every 6 months, his pain has been so controlled that he was able to open and now operates The Mahoosuc Inn in Milan, NH. Chores at The Mahoosuc Inn range from carrying wood and shoveling snow, to taking care of numerous horses, making beds, and cooking large meals for guests. He successfully hosts events and weddings, and even gets to enjoy the outdoors himself on the variety of snowmobiling trails on the property.

Mark has PainCare and his own true determination to thank for his success!  Hear Mark’s own words below…


Here are other PainCare patients talking about how PainCare has helped them:

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