PainCare North Conway’s New “Mascot”

If you have driven through North Conway recently, you may have noticed a new addition in front of The Red Barn Center, where our PainCare office is located.  It seems frosty_groupthat PainCare of North Conway has a new ‘mascot!’

“Frosty Cares” is a 7 foot tall snowman now sitting by the main road in front of PainCare.  He is part of an ongoing art project called “Snow People On Parade,” sponsored by Settler’s Green Outlet Village.  There are 18 of these snowmen all over town, each created by a different artist or group of artists, and each commissioned by a particular local business.  Check out the variety of snowmen here.

Frosty Cares was created by students at Tamworth Community School and was commissioned by the NH Association of Nurse Anesthetists.  Since PainCare provider, Kelly DeFeo, CRNA is a member of the NH Association of Nurse Anesthetists, this new home for Frosty Cares seems particularly appropriate.

PainCare hopes that Frosty Cares settles in easily and enjoys his new home!

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