Chronic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is a term used to define patients with severe persistent pain from virtually any source which has resulted in marked changes in behavior, self-imposed restriction of daily activities, and heavy, largely ineffective use of the healthcare system.  CPS overwhelms all other medical symptoms to the point of becoming the problem itself.  It is often accompanied by bouts of irritability, uncontrolled anger, and depression.

What are the causes of CPS?
CPS has no specific cause but rather is the cumulative result of a combination of conditions including the one(s) causing pain. CPS is not fictitious or psychogenic pain but rather the body’s psychophysiologic response to chronic pain.

Is chronic pain syndrome preventable?
Symptoms of CPS must be recognized early and the disorder treated using a multidisciplinary approach.  There is some optimism that those at high risk of developing CPS will be identified in the future prior to injury, and treated more aggressively during the acute phase.

What are my treatment options?
CPS is managed best with a multidisciplinary approach as alluded to above. A lifelong program of graded exercise is a vital component of treatment management.

When should I seek help from PainCare?
When pain becomes the main focus of everyday life, call PainCare and make an appointment to see one of our specialists.  With help, many people suffering from chronic pain syndrome can return to more active and rewarding lives.

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